Production Division Yagotinsky Mechanical Plant

LLC FIRM “TMA” Production department The Yagotinsky Mechanical Plant has been successfully operating since April 1, 1971 as an experimental and production base of the NGO Sahar. Now we do not limit our activity only to the sugar industry. Are ready to offer you services on development of projects of any complexity. Our material and technical base, competent specialists and attention to any wishes of the customer allow us to perform laborious work with the maximum quality.

Technological possibilities:

  •     The staff of more than a hundred people.
  •     Metal structures (welded and machine-building) – up to 30 tons.
  •     Welded seams are made by manual arc welding in accordance with GOST 5264, semi-automatic in protective gas (carbon dioxide, argon) according to GOST 14771, automatic submerged arc;
  •     Cutting of metal on guillotine-type scissors with a width of up to 3 m and a thickness of up to 32 mm;
  •     Plasma cutting
  •     Forging of carbonaceous and low-alloy steels manufactured by free forging on forging hammers MB-412;
  •     Bending of sheet and shaped rolled products up to 5 m long and up to 12 mm thick;
  •     Rolling of workpieces with a width of up to 4 m and a thickness of up to 40 mm;
  •     Manufacturing of screw turns with diameter up to 1200mm.


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