The Yagotinsky Mechanical Plant was founded in 1971 as an experimental mechanical plant as part of VNPO Sahar. The main objective of the enterprise was the production of experimental and prototypes of equipment for the orders of departments and laboratories of VNIISP, as well as the production of pilot lots and small series of equipment for the orders of sugar factories. The equipment, which was manufactured at the Yagotinsky experimental-mechanical plant, was tested at the Yagotinsky experimental sugar plant, after which it was already supplied to the sugar factories of the country.

In the nineties of the last century, the plant switched to market conditions of management: first on a lease, then on a joint-stock company. In 2011, the open joint stock company was changed to a company with additional responsibility.

The main shareholder of the plant is currently the firm “TMA”. Cooperation with this research and production enterprise contributes to technical development, the introduction of scientific and technological progress, the improvement of technology, and the expansion of product markets.
Technological capabilities of the enterprise:

─ Welding production using manual arc, semi-automatic in the environment of protective gases and automatic submerged arc welding;
─ cutting metal on an automated installation;

─ gas-plasma cutting;

─ metal processing on turning, carousel, boring, milling, planing, edge-grinding, grinding and gear-milling machines up to 2 m in diameter;

─ Rolling of steel sheet up to 40 mm thick;
─ work on the bending of metal on press equipment;

─ manufacturing of screw augers up to 1200 mm in diameter

In recent years, a large number of new types of equipment have been developed and put into production.

Consumers of products: sugar factories and other food enterprises of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.

Close partnerships have been established with Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, the Russian Federation